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Current contest: The CryptOlympiCoin Bubble
Entry Deadline: February 7, 2018

Previous contests:

The Alchemanian Blimp Derby
August 2016

The Zone
June 2014

The Gordian Cube
February 2014

The Decapercentathon
July - August 2012

Advanced Simplification
June - July 2010

Return of the Curse of the Slippery Slope!
February 2010

Rig the Vote!   - and -   Zap the Vote!
October - November 2008

August 2008

Medieval Fantasy Women's Football League II
September 2007

Soccer Futures 2006
June - July 2006

The Curse of the Slippery Slope
February 2006

The Coin-Operated Olympics
August 2004

Medieval Fantasy Women's Football League
August - September 2003
Средневековая Фантазия женская футбольная лига
Август - сентябрь 2003

Queue Ball
June 2002

February 2002