Back in 1999, my friend Paul Armington (who does NOT have a personal website, so stop clicking on his name already) founded a nonprofit institution called WILMA: the World Institute for Leadership and Management in Africa. He needed some help with information technology, so I formed a company to provide him with IT services: World Institutes for Leadership and Management Online. You can read about our work at our company websites,

but these sites only tell part of the story. Paul and I travel frequently to Africa, and when we're there (or when I'm traveling somewhere else on WILMA business), I write reports on our daily activities. We manage to get in a little recreation while we're abroad, and I include pictures whenever I can. If you enjoy the reports, send me e-mail ( If you think our mission is important and would like to support us, send WILMA a check!

Travel Reports

Regular readers have noticed that some reports posted below are incomplete, and I've yet to begin a couple more.
I'm working to catch up; while you wait, why not enter my new contest?

East Africa, March 2000
East Africa, August 2000
East Africa, October-November 2000
England, January 2001
East Africa, February-March 2001
East Africa, May 2001
East Africa and England, August 2001
Dar es Salaam, London, and Saint Petersburg, November-December 2001
Tanzania and England, February-March 2002
Tanzania, November 2002
Kenya, Tanzania, and Malawi, March-April 2003
East Africa and Russia, July-August 2003
East Africa, July-August 2004