Pictures from March 18, 2000. Click on any small image to see it full size.

Dawn over Mt. Kenya

Paul sees an elephant.

the road through the Aberdare Range

This looks like a good place to watch for animals.

Chania Falls (upper)

Chania Falls (lower)

Secret Mystery Button #3 (1.4Mbb)

Paul on a rock near Chania Falls

Ibrahim tells Paul to get off his rock.

Another view of Chania Falls

Another view of Chania Falls

Paul likes Africa.

Ibrahim and James wait for David and Paul to catch up.

Typical park signpost

Paul under Karuru Falls sign

Karuru Falls.

Karuru Falls.

The gorge into which Karuru Falls empties

David at Karuru Falls

Magoru Falls (actually, I'm not quite sure of the spelling here - I'll correct it when I can)

Paul and David cast virtual lines for actual fish at Magoru Falls.

Ibrahim joins Paul and David at Magoru Falls (sorry, James, somebody has to take the picture).

The trail to Magoru Falls (Hi, James!)