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Pickle is Bone of Contention at Presidential Lunch

Most of the country made light of an incident between an American tourist and Archbishop Gabriel Omolo at a luncheon whose guest list included President Yoweri Museveni. Unconfirmed and conflicting reports describe the run-in as anything from an inadvertent bump of the hands to a staring contest.

All reports agree on one fact: both the Archbishop and the American were intent on claiming a pickle that was about to be removed by a busboy.

Press attempts to obtain an official statement on the matter have been rebuffed. Spokesmen for both the President and the Archbishop flatly state that there was no incident worthy of comment.

Yet rumours persist of a "pickle incident," and local radio and television commentators continue to provide reports from "unnamed sources."

There is no evidence that this incident is related to a similar one reported on New Year's Eve.