Pictures from March 26, 2000. Click on any small image to see it full size.

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Pictures from Nairobi National Park:

We saw several giraffes, but most hid behind the greenery. This was the only one to strike a good pose for me.
Behind the zebras you can see some of the taller buildings in Nairobi. You could try walking there from here, but you'd probably get eaten before you reached the fence surrounding the park or mugged shortly after crossing it.
Like the giraffes, the ostriches mostly kept out of good camera range.
Although park rules forbid it, tourists often feed the monkeys. This one has become accustomed to handouts and is waiting by the side of the road for more tourists.
Two females holding babies
Female walking with baby clinging to her fur
Monkeys in tree
Baboons sitting in tree; one in upper left of frame has been caught in mid-leap from one branch to another.
Herds of zebra were roaming all over the park, and we sometimes had to wait while they crossed the road (animals have the right of way).
Zebras on the move with foal in center

Dusk over downtown Nairobi: