Pictures from November 4, 2000. Click on any small image to see it full size.

Views from the crater floor.
Elephant eating lunch.
Flamingos in the central alkaline pool.
Hippos, egrets, and plovers in a freshwater pool.
Wildebeest moving in a column across the crater.
Zebras enjoying a roll in the dust.
Lions resting after a kill.
There's little shade in the middle of the crater, so the lions take advantage of any cool space.
A cluster of tour vehicles provides some security from the wildlife during our picnic lunch, but one never knows who will come to see what's on the menu.
David admires the view and ponders the oxymoronic green orange.
A member of staff security has gained the trust of one of the tree hyraxes that live on the grounds. The babies are not as trusting as this adult and stay high up in the branches.
Views from the lodge on the eastern rim of the crater.
Guest rooms at the Sopa Ngorongoro Lodge.