The Other Page the evil twin website of began when my brother discovered during the course of his genealogical research that our family came from the Orkney Islands of Scotland. I tried for years to establish Laughton.ork as a domain, but ICANN wouldn't allow it. So now I'm off to Scotland to lobby parliament to change the islands' name to the Orgneys.

If you believe that, and you're a Laughton, you may want to put your own story on this website and/or have a e-mail address. Yes, yes, I know, has been around a long time and also hosts pages and e-mail for Laughtons. Fine. Go there already. But if your name is Elmer and you find that there's already an, you'll come crawling back to me begging for e-mail.

For a while, a problem with my web hosting company caused to point to a website in California that sells Chinese arts and crafts. I've since changed hosting companies, but the experience left me twisted and permanently scarred psychologically. My brother says he can't tell the difference, but that's how this site got to be the evil twin of He's not even really sure that we came from the Orkneys, but I'm too far gone to turn back now.

By the way, I said evil, not depraved: I will not host any pornographic, racist, or other material that I consider offensive. My domain, my rules.